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I live in the suburbs of Detroit and must say I am shocked that I have not seen one CP ad on TV this summer… Does anyone know if this is due to the effects of covid? (I would assume)

Why would they spend money on expensive air time when the park is already so busy it’s nearly unmanageable?
After all, they’ve got to come up with 20/hr for those that are showing up, right?
I must say I’m shocked at your concern over this.

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It’s due to advertising this season would be a total waste of money. How much more packed to you want the place to be?

KI isn’t spending money either.

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Could be possible that they are spending less on television advertisements and spending more in the digital space. Less people have cable so it doesn't make sense to have the same TV budget from when the numbers were higher.

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I'm guessing the same people counting on TV ads are the same people still using cash only at the park.

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Word of mouth is the best advertising and that costs absolutely nothing.

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Word of mouth is the best, except it works both ways... that's the problem with free, it may not be the advertising message you want.

Now, if the park hadn't slid into what seems to be a comfortable mediocrity over the last few years, I would think the word of mouth would be outstanding.

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"Comfortable mediocrity?" Do explain.


I don't want to speak for him but for starters there's an active thread right now with about two pages of comments/observations about a decline in ride operation efficiency.

I think the park certainly used to be much cleaner. And yes I know "staffing staffing" but even if we compare 2019 to previous years I'd say there's been a decline in this area too. Of course this is my perspective and it could just be my standards have changed over the years as I more often travel to much cleaner parks like Disney, UO, and BGW.

Anyway that's two pretty significant examples that didn't even require 30 seconds of thought.

CPkid77 said:

I live in the suburbs of Detroit and must say I am shocked that I have not seen one CP ad on TV this summer…

I don't think I've watched any kind of TV that has commercials in a couple years now.

If I ran an amusement park, the people I'd want to advertise to don't have cable. Plus I believe it's significantly more expensive than digital advertising.

Saw a Carowinds commercial on Comet TV scifi network, computer network access not cable system.

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