TTD Rollbacks: Do they still happen?

Perhaps this is a dumb question, but I have been to CP 4 days this year and haven't observed a single rollback on TTD. In prior years, I've never been to the park and not observed at least one rollback. Have CP technicians eliminated rollbacks or substantially decreased their frequency, or have I just been there on rare days without rollbacks?

It happens all the time when they start to TEST run the Coaster. I haven't been there much this yr, and I haven't seen 1 Rollback. In 2003 I Rolled back and in 2005 I Rolled back. It is fun because everyone can stay on the train and go Back Up. Just think about the WICKED TWISTER, but the Train Rolls back 420ft, and the WT rolls back only 210ft.

I actually got one Sunday night after a series of rain storms rolled through.

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We have seen a couple with riders on this summer.

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Brian, there's no real way or need to eliminate them. Rollbacks are almost necessary in a way to get the system launching trains at an acceptable speed that keeps it from launching them too slow or too fast. In the summer months, it's less likely to see rollbacks. Your best bet are rainy or windy days. Though if it's too windy, they wouldn't run Dragster anyway but a launch right after a good storm usually results in a rollback. If you really want to see them though, wait till October, when the weather is colder. Those are the best days to see/get rollbacks.

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There were two rollbacks within a matter of a few minutes last night around 9:30. They closed the ride after the second one.

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I remember standing in the two and a half hour line back in 2003, and see one train roll back six times in a row, then the ride went to down for close to 30 mins. I only saw one on my past visit, that was during midday.

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I was at the park yesterday waiting in line for Magnum after it had finally finished pouring for a few seconds and the first test run of the TTD was a rollback. It was amusing to listen to the excitement of everyone in line watching. I've only ever been on one rollback in my life an that was on Kingda Ka.

I have noticed they've been running the trains with the back car or two empty first thing in the morning a lot. They gradually add a row or two at a time until it's full. Figured they were loading it front heavy to cut back on roll backs until everything gets warmed up.

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I remember being in the second train, and see the first launch and then roll back.

Quote from a Corkscrew ride op, "And Dragster is down again"

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I have worked at CP this season from May 10 to July 29, and the dragster has rollbacked countless times. It happened multiple times on a daily basis from the beginning of the season until maybe a month or so later, and then they became less frequent. I still witnessed them on a pretty much daily basis, though.
Never got on one though!

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Don't worry I am still waiting for my inaugural roll back. Maybe I have to wait for a Full Moon. :)

The best time to go is Morning's in October. Just wait in line for Dragster during Morning ERT and the first ride has about 60% chance of rollback. (it actually is quite high unless the temp is high that day)

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