TTD down long term?

So I was talking to the Rita Cabana attendant (sorry, I don't want to assume gender here and trigger anyone) and the word on the street is that Dragster suffered some type of mishap in what may be a season-ending injury. No human injuries reported. Still waiting for official confirmation.

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What kind of official confirmation are you waiting for?
I doubt the park is going to put out an official statement to the public that one of their iconic rides is down for the season.

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Really? I doubt they can close an iconic ride with obvious work being done on it without saying -=SOMETHING=- .

"Dragster is currently down for maintenance."

There, said something...

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Sorry, obviously this is of no importance to "the coaster community".

The ride suffered MAJOR damage to the entire first section. I assumed news of this nature would be welcomed here.

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We welcome news when facts are provided. Until then it's just an unsubstantiated rumour.

It is down today with all trains on the transfer tracks.

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Rugrats2001 said:

The ride suffered MAJOR damage to the entire first section...

Care to elaborate?

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I know it was running fine Friday PM up until 7:30 pm ( we were in line) when it had 2 rollbacks in a row. It then promptly shut down as far as I know for the rest of the evening. Wind wasn't an issue.

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Kevinj said:

Rugrats2001 said:

The ride suffered MAJOR damage to the entire first section...

Care to elaborate?

I'd love to.

I'd also love to protect my source, so that is why I look forward to an official announcement. I can say that it is obvious that workers have been removing the roll-back brakes system and other work as well.

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It was running yesterday in the morning but then around mid-afternoon it stopped. When I walked past there around 9PM, there was no crew in sight. So it was obvious it wouldn't be running again that day.

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When you say the ride "suffered major damage to the entire front section", with an emphasis on the word major...along with saying "no human injuries reported"...that seems to imply (from someone who has not been to the park in a few weeks) that there was some sort of significant incident that occurred on the ride itself; an incident that supposedly put peoples' well-being into question, and led to some obvious significant structural damage to the entire front section...which is quite enormous.

And yet it's Sunday and this is the only mention I have heard of anything related to the ride, other than it being out of order for a day. Which is pretty normal for this ride.

I'm not suggesting that nothing happened, you're just not offering much, and knowing many people who have been to the park this weekend, I'm surprised no one has mentioned anything given the gravity of the situation that is being hinted at.

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My group got a few very late rides on it Friday night. It went down early in the afternoon Saturday and had 5 or 6 maintenance guys looking at the track/catch car trough area mainly by the ride entrance very carefully. Then the barricades went up, trains were taken off, ride crew left, and maintenance disappeared.

This morning, the cables had slack in them down by the building that houses the hydraulic launch system. It didn't look like a cable broke from what I saw. It looked much more like an issue with something in that trough that the catch car rides in or maybe the catch car itself.

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Both later yesterday and today, I saw anywhere between 5-7 maintenance workers busy addressing something on the launch track right above the entrance. Just from an amateur observation, they were working on several of the retractable break fins. One guy had a torch out doing something.

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Noticed today them working towards the launch building. They had visibly removed a brake fin and the track attached to it. That may be standard but I always assumed it was just bolted to the track and they removed the bolts and replaced the fin not the whole mechanism that raises up and down? Also heard what seemed to be a saw on the track possibly cutting parts of the track and saw some sparks flying up from the track by maintenance. Later in the day they had moved down by the launch area and left their stuff their and it appears left for the night.

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I wouldn't expect any official statements on the park till it gets closer to next weekend. They will have had nearly a whole week to fix whatever the issue may be, so they could just have it blow over if it is fixed.

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I'd assume Cedar Point would normally be able to fix one of their marquee rides before the season is over, but most of their crews are busily trying to stop Magnum from sinking. #prayforTTD

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And still trying to get the green MF train out of Sandusky bay.

It’s not like they don’t do this everyday of the season,
The maintenance crew is pretty damn amazing.

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They may acknowledge TTD is down for maintenance. I wouldn't expect any official announcement from the park explaining the details of the maintenance.

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