TTD Down?

Dragster has been down all day and they look closed for business. No one is staffing it and the photo review area is completely shut. Can anyone shed light? Will be in the park all day tomorrow...

It was running this morning (rode it around 10:15), so whatever issue its having occurred just today. Good luck tomorrow.

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Sorry Moeparrish, but Dragster going down is a Cedar Point tradition since 2003. The good news is, if the ride can be operated tomorrow, it certainly will be. Hopefully maintenance is able to sort things out tonight for your visit tomorrow. There have been some days where Dragster has opened for just the last hour the park is open.

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Dragster goes down about every hour or two. Usually after it breaks down twice and reopens around 2 or 3, that's the best time to go on it, at least in my experience.

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They were testing around 3:00 yesterday, but Dragster didn't reopen. It's par for the course with Dragster.

Is Kingda Ka any more reliable than Dragster or about the same?

Kingda Ka is incredibly unreliable but seems to break down less since it only has about half the capacity Dragster does so it sends far less trains.

It's closed a lot when it's not even broken though as Zumanjaro is far more unreliable than Kingda Ka is and whenever it gets stuck (about 5 times a day), or gets to the bottom but the retractable roofs don't close Kingda Ka can't operate.

During normal operation, Kingda Ka can't launch while Zumanjaro is running and they only staff one of the four available load of platforms so I'm sure Dragster takes more abuse due to it's capacity.

Kingda Ka does roll back less often because it has an over speed button that they use during testing so the ride flies over the tower.

It is down again today. When I was here in August it was the most reliable in the park, never shut down once. I frequent 2 times a year and it seemed like the down time was getting better an that when it went down they were solving problems faster as the years have gone by. This will be my first season here since it opened that I won't be able to get on it at least once.

To be fair, around August is when the rides are most reliable.

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On the way in this morning a supervisor told me that it has a mechanical problem and wouldn't open today. The ticket people at the windows were telling people it wouldn't open today also. Mechanical issues.

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Just by chance yesterday I was watching the web cam and saw a empty train roll back. Think it was Saturday or Sunday evening I was watching the web cam and around 9:50pm and saw a good number of people leaving the line. I only check the web cams a few times a day, and it seems like Dragster is the most common ride that is broke down.

Quote from a Corkscrew ride op, "And Dragster is down again"

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Around 7 they tested a few trains then started changing a sensor in the station. We noticed them still testing when we left after closing. Hopefully it doesn't go full turd during CoasterMania.

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I do remember that!

And all is well at Dragster now. The crew stayed till the very last minute and they reopened tonight around 7:45! They even kept the line open 30 minutes past closing to accommodate everyone who didn't get to ride today.

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