Trying to make sense of Halloweekend ticket discounts

Anybody know what the actual gate price for tickets is during Halloweekends? I can't for the life of me find it on the official site. I know price at the gate was supposedly $72 during the regular season but dunno if that's still what it is. Curious because Giant Eagle has coupons offering among other things, $29 off a full priced ticket at the gate for Sundays. Obviously if it's still $72 that's only down to $43, which makes the season pass bring-a-friend discount a better deal, but if it's any less than $72, the Giant Eagle deal would be better.

Mostly trying to figure out since my family is planning on coming with one of these upcoming weekends, and we're trying to figure out whether to use my season passholder discount or go for the coupons.

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Are they coming for the weekend, as in 2 days? If so, the best deal would be the 2 day ticket for $80. I don’t think you’re gonna get much cheaper than that during HalloWeekends. Even most of the comp tickets out there expired on Labor Day.

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