Traffic 10/25

Was anyone stuck in traffic this past Saturday 10/25? We got to the park when it opened and spent the majority of the time in our room at the breakers. We had friends that came up for the day and when they made the mistake of leaving, it took them almost 3 hours to get off property! Sort of reminded me of Columbus Day last year.

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With temps in the upper 60's and lower 70's, one weekend left in the season and next Saturday's forecast looking like crap, everyone probably went this week.

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I was told there was an accident on the causeway grinding traffic to a halt around closing time. When it finally busted open, traffic flowed smoothly and I couldn't tell where the accident had been. Does anyone know?

I couldn't find any news articles about it, but there was some discussion on

'injury accident on Cedar Point Causeway...police suspect there may be use of a controlled substance involved...have advised EMS and hospital'

I saw the traffic stopped while walking back to Lighthouse Point, and assumed it was from the huge crowds, but then I spoke to a Domino's driver back there, and he said he heard there was an accident on the causeway. This was around 12:45am

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Glad I left when I did. We ended up leaving around 10 due to there being far too many people to do pretty much anything. We suspected getting out of there at park closing would be an issue, so we headed out a little earlier than normal.

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