Top Thrill 2 Pit Stop, Episode 9: Raise the Flags

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New episode has been released!

Apologies for not embedding the video. I tried (I have never done so before) and could not get it to work.

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Enjoy the rest of your day at America's Rockin' Roller Coast! Ride On!

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A few small things I took from the video:

Tony shows off an entry canopy that was not in the concept art.
He specifically mentions 'rider safety policies'. Hope there's nothing too restrictive.
The station doesn't appear to have access from midway side like the concept art.
The wall frame doesn't reach from floor to ceiling. Looks like it follows the spike curve.

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Wondering if "Rider Safety Policies" will include the same pain in the a$$ metal detectors/all items from pockets in free lockers method employed at Steel Vengeance.

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We have a Queue! Thanks Tony 😘

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There doesn't appear to be any infrastructure that would support the type of locker system in use at SV, and TT2 doesn't seem to have any of the violent Gs that SV has, so I wouldn't expect as strict of a no loose article policy.


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There's something about the rear spike dynamic (and the history of the former version of this attraction) that makes me think the park just might employ metal detectors and locker requirements similar to SV. The last thing anyone wants is a phone to fall 350+ feet onto the midway. Not saying it's likely due to the dynamics, but if they could implement it in a similar fashion, I wouldn't at all be surprised to see it.

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I don't necessarily disagree, but if that were the case, wouldn't we have seen some evidence that they're building lockers in the queue that are accessible by both oncoming and disembarking riders?


Wouldn't there be a possibility of using bins in the station? Sort of a similar station layout to Maverick now (except just one side is boarding, other exiting). That along with no seatbelts (confirmed?) would make it easy to just drop your stuff in a bin and get to your seat quick and get your lap bar.

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Maybe, but not sure how they'd implement that. You board from the left of the train at the downtrack end of the station, and disembark from the right of the train uptrack of load. So, they'd likely need a bin system like what's used on Yukon Striker, but not only is there no apparent infrastructure being constructed, I'm not sure there would even be enough room for something like that in TT2's station.


I agree. Looks like there will barely be enough room for people to walk to the exit gate unless it's in a single file line! Definitely not enough room for bins. Right now I'm assuming they'd go with a similar policy to the old Dragster. I don't see a way they can implement lockers ala Steel Vengeance very easily at all given how low the track is in and around the station. They could do it like Incredible Hulk at IOA and have free lockers near the entrance, but then people would be without their phones for the duration of the line.

The clearance between the running track and the wall that separates it from the load/unload station looks incredibly tight as well. I'm sure maybe it's larger than it looks in the video, but I'm not sticking my arm out! Made that mistake on Millennium Force once!

Speaking of that... Did anyone notice they've cut a similar notch out of the support that holds the 270 degree twist on TT2?


Not my video but a little different perspective of Top Thrill 2 testing at night recently.

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I agree. Looks like there will barely be enough room for people to walk to the exit gate unless it's in a single file line!

Indeed, the picture below from the latest blog update makes it pretty clear how narrow the exit side is:


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Depth perception is a thing and all, but boy does the exterior track look really close to the divider wall. That's going to be intense at 100 mph.

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If it's as narrow as it looks, and with other rides as examples, assigned seating seems like it's inevitable. And if you're near the front of the train, you're probably going to be waiting in line to get out of the station, down the ramp and through the picture booth.

Definitely room for those loose article bins 😉

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Depth perception is a thing and all,

Not for everyone.

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If it's as narrow as it looks

I don't know if we've seen in any updates how far the new station platform extends west out beyond the canopy, but there is room for the station to grow in that direction, almost to the extent that it could be nearly as big as it was for TTD.


In addition to a test seat, they will have an entrance gate as narrow as the exit ramp. If you don't fit through the narrow entrance gate, you can't ride.

For reference, here's a pic from the livestream showing how far the platform extends west.

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