Top Thrill 2 Pit Stop- Ep 6 Topped off!

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- The reverse spike is complete
- One full train is assembled with the 1st & last car from the blue train and 3 cars from the silver train
- small testing with the Frankenstein train will begin soon

Going to be interesting to see just how extensive the testing with the Frankentrain will be. Obviously, Tony did make it seem like it's just moving the train around the transfer track and launch area. But I do wonder if they'll launch it at all (at super low speeds) or if it's simply moving it into and out of launch position to make sure the various switch track parts work properly. My guess is the latter.

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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Pit stop.

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That view from the top of the spike is pretty amazing. At first I was hoping for a twist but think it's way more intense without, cannot wait to ride this....

That there Clark is an RV.....

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