Top Thrill 2 Pit Stop - Ep. 3

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Interesting tweet from Tony yesterday under his tweet of this video. Christmas Tree lights are not set in stone one way or the other yet:

I kind of hope so. I always liked that rare occurrence of looking over at the top hat from wherever I am in the park and seeing the Christmas tree lights light up and knowing the ride is operating at that moment.

Seeing trains going over the top hat (and now up the spike) will let you know the ride is operating too.

With that logic, the same goes for every other ride in the park. I was saying I like the Christmas tree lights on the tower. Don’t make it complicated 😉

I also enjoyed watching the Christmas tree lights count down just before that incredible launch to 120 mph. I'm not sure it will be the same counting down to a 74 mph launch if that's their plan. What about the engine sounds just before launch? That was also part of the experience for me.

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Yes! My man T-Bone is back for the third video!

Disappointed to see that the proximity sensor will require some kind of plate to set it off. We've already seen the ending to this story, and it ain't pretty 😐

Package aficionado. Sit tight fellas ;)

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All proximity sensors require some sort of plate/surface to activate them, given that's quite literally how they work. In this case it appears the prox is adjustable, indicating the plate may be permanently affixed.


^ And with the lightning trains biggest selling point being the weldless single chassis blah blah blah selling point I would think it is part of the single piece chassis? I might be wrong and misremembering the marketing for the Lightning trains though too

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Plague on Wheels:

My man T-Bone is back...

This is the most cringe thing I've seen on the Internets today.

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All the talk above about the lights on the ride, we have a package aficianado available to offer keen input on the matter right here! Mr. Plague on Wheels, what say you or are you in agreement with On Point Tony that it will be TBD. (Totally Blinged Design)?

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What’s does CP Racing have to do with this ride?

Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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It's just a thematic element to the ride apparently. From the "new in 24" page:

Inspired by the excitement and camaraderie of motorsport racing, Top Thrill 2’s entrance pavilion is an environment of high-energy action, calling new riders to join the world’s greatest thrill team: CP Racing. Even if you’re just a fan who likes to sit back and watch the race, you’re still a part of the team as you witness triple-launch history on the multi-tier grandstand. But if you’re ready to take the wheel, we’re looking for new crew members to challenge and defy gravity. Shift into DRIVE and join CP Racing in 2024 for the world’s greatest evvvolution in coaster thrills.


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I find it hard to believe that they don't know whether the top hat lights are staying. They know, Tony just doesn't have clearance to say anything one way or another.

They may not actually know. My guess is they probably want to keep them, but it will be dependent on how well the project stays within their desired budget. If it turns out they overspent on other things and it's cheaper to just get rid of them, that's what they'll do. So they don't want to make promises either way.

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...most cringe ... Internets ...

Cringe 😉

Yes Jimbo, I think more package announcements are coming. Sit tight fellas 😜

Last edited by Plague on Wheels,

Package aficionado. Sit tight fellas ;)

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The lights are still on the tower, correct? If so, I wouldn't think there'd be much cost to utilize them. I just wonder if it makes thematic sense to use them given there are three launches...


djDaemon, that’s true given the fact that it will have 3 launches. Perhaps they could keep them as is for decoration while the ride operates during the day/evening and then light them up at night after the park closes for the day. I’m guessing they probably won’t do that, but it’s a good speculation.

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Three launches, three sets of lights-duh!
And maybe a water cannon at the finish line.

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