Tony Teases Big Reveal

Is the record for most records not broken a record?

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any new teasers?

I thought i read or heard someone on this year's winter chill out tour they saw L.E.D lights on the millennium force trains and they asked one of the maintenance people and they couldn't say!

Tony provided an update, it is not a ride or coaster, and it does not have something to do with Town Hall in regards to MF. He’s waiting on a last minute change and then he’ll reveal it.

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Still waiting Tony.

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He stated there was a project delay yesterday when asked on the twitters.

Project delay... hmmmmm... and his twitter if you caught the emoji he said not a ride or coaster with a wink emoji..... I still think its some sort of upgrade to a ride (probably Millie since she is 20!)

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It's likely it's just the inspection rig but there was a picture of a crew working on the first turn on Millie on CP rundowns page. I'm almost wondering if they got one of those light packages for the whole ride track? That would look sick at night if they did.

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Lights on the trains I can see, but the whole track? I don't know about that. My money is still on a 150th anniversary book for this specific tease.

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I'm not hoping big either. A CP book would be awesome. But they have quite the challenge going up against rolling through the years I think. Unless they go for a completely different concept.

And if they did come out and announce train or full ride light package that would be a perfect makeover.

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The reason I think it's for a book is back at WCO, a book different from Rolling through the years was mentioned during the q&a session. Plus there was a nice lady asking people to fill out a survey as we entered and exited the session asking what we would like to see included in the book.

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A book sanctioned by Cedar Point, about Cedar Point, that comes in well below $100, will absolutely have no issues "going up against" Rolling Through The Years.

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So you're saying it might cost $20 and consist of stuff they have thrown together since February?

In the original tweet back in March, Tony mentioned the something "special" was in an 11x17 envelope. It seems unlikely that it would be a manuscript for a book?

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I honestly hadn't thought about a cost comparison point. You make a really fair point with that. I was thinking purely from a content standpoint.

But I definitely think you're right, if they have a book similar to rolling through the years, but more as a practical guidebook or something, not a coffee table display item like Rolling through the Years, and it's priced in the $25-$75 range (variety of scales, content, etc) that just might fly off the shelves.

Although I do agree that I doubt they would tease something like this.

Now a Mellie dedicated history book with the story and interviews right around the $25-$45 range, including poster blueprints and the like. That I could see matching what's out so far.

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The fact is that it can be anything, he said it's something we hold close to our hearts, but he also said we shouldn't set our expectations high, which certain people do with every "teaser" he puts out there. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

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Chuck Wagon said:

In the original tweet back in March, Tony mentioned the something "special" was in an 11x17 envelope. It seems unlikely that it would be a manuscript for a book?

11x17 definitely sounds more like something an architectural or engineering drawing would be on, rather than something for a book.

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