Tony Clark gone?

So Don Helbig was let go from Kings Island earlier this week. And now Tony has not tweeted in 5 days including over a rather busy post holiday weekend. (Would normally see him doing tweet ups over a weekend like this past). Anyone think Tony may be out?

Hmmm, perhaps he got moved to Kings Island?

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His tweets this season have been less than normal. I don't think he is gone, but probably just busy.

I mostly wonder if something big is coming for TTD news and he is going radio quiet as they get ready for an announcement or tease if he is still with the park.

What's the deal with twitter anyway? By going through google, I can see CP/Tony is still using it. I haven't been able to get in to the actual site since they changed it. I don't pay for an account though. I thought the outage was supposed to be temporary.

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I think Lord Elon made it such that you have to have a Twitter account to see tweets these days. Or something along those lines.

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What do you mean Don was “let go”?
Is there evidence he was fired, laid off, or otherwise relieved of duty?

I'd like to think Don moved on to something bigger, less stressful, better paying etc, but we've seen some very curious personnel decisions by Cedar Fair over the years so who knows? Hard to imagine a guy that loved Kings Island more than him.



What do you mean Don was “let go”?

KICentral had a report he was gone. And then someone else posted a screenshot of a direct message from Don saying he was no longer with KI. And the discussions I’ve seen on socials suggest he was let go not that he left

Well, that’s certainly proof enough. I mean, those discussions on socials are all anyone should ever rely on.
I think it’s only courteous to refrain from inferring he was canned until there’s real evidence. And it’s also good to proceed as if it’s nobody’s business.
I’d agree that it’s odd that a shake up of this sort would be odd mid-season with so much left on the board. For all we know, god forbid , someone has fallen into ill health. Or maybe he just up and quit.
But I think it’s clear that if he ain’t sayin then nobody’s sayin.

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I dunno that I would move someone like Tony from CP right when I was about to launch a marketing campaign for one of their biggest announcements in years.

I wouldn’t either. I just find it curious that KI marketing person is no longer and Tony has gone rather quiet almost simultaneously.

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Tony's Twitter silence due to the fact he is very very upset that he has been found out. You know, the whole copying the exact color scheme from his buddy Jeff at pointbuzz for the Rougarou coaster.

Well. Tony has appeared. Case closed.

Tony just posted a few minutes ago... so the rumors of his demise are greatly exaggerated.

EDIT: Speed Demon beat me by 30 seconds...

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And he just quote tweeted the Dragster tweet. False alarm

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You know, the whole copying the exact color scheme from his buddy Jeff at pointbuzz for the Rougarou coaster.

I really can't be the only one that sees this, right? And copying? More like an homage to a place that literally debated that coaster for years. It would be one thing if it was "close". It's not close, it's an exact match. I truly thought most people at least gave it a thought. Weird.

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Except its not an exact match. PB 'blue' doesnt have as much green in it as Rougarou imo.

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Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

It looks gold to me.

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