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So, the area got a soaking early this evening. I see people headed for their cars and leaving. I also see on the radar that the rain will be ending soon. The closing time is 11:00 p.m. Why is everybody leaving. Is the park actually closed at 6:30 p.m.? Will not the rides open up later after the rain? And aren't there show and other things for people to see until the rain stops? Kings Island got wet also. The rides shut down but are now reopened.

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When the weather gets bad at an outdoor venue, especially later in the day, a lot of people tend to leave. Outside of Sundays in the fringe season when the resorts are closed that evening, I have never known Cedar Point to pull a Kennywood and close early for weather. The current rain/weather policies are laughably terrible, but the park itself almost never closes early.

I think someone should stop looking at the web-cams.

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Some people leave, go out to dinner somewhere and come back when the storm passes.

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I like turtles.

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Leaving early was an easy call for me.
I don't enjoy trudging around the park in soggy sneakers.

For those who stayed, or came back, it was walk-on time for the remainder of the evening.

The Sky Rides even opened up and they were closed for most of the day.

Thanks for explaining all of this to me.

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When Maverick opened in 2007 my friends and I had been at the park on a terribly rainy day. We rode the train around and around until it closed because it started to storm. Then we waited under the overhand at the Iron Dragon refreshment stand for more than an hour and then eventually gave up and went back to our hotel in town. Around 8:30 that night we noticed the rain stopped so we hightailed it back to the park and marathoned Maverick for the last hour of the night. It was great.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

Moments like that are often the best memories I have at the park. I won't hesitate to leave to go to Chet & Matts or Berardis or Thirsty Pony. But I also won't hesitate to go back if it clears up an hour or two before closing.

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Flooded Cedar Point is the best Cedar Point.

staying on point when a heavy rain comes through is the best, the park is clear, the employees are refreshed, the air is clean…. It’s like Walt Disney waved a magical wand over Ohio and blessed the park with goodness, and no annoying mouse ears or small world garbage songs.

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CoasterHawk, get someone to watch your dog and invite your friends along.

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