TIL - Avalanche Run did not open May 11, 1985

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I fully understand that this is a very minor piece of trivia and that I'm quite possibly the only one who will care. But, hey, it's the off-season, and I'm perfectly OK talking to myself!

Today I learned that Avalanche Run did not open on May 11, 1985. I always went off that assumption in the timeline, but I should have known better than to not verify. In fact, the ride was delayed and did not open until late June. I haven't been able to pin down an exact date, but my educated guess is June 22.

Details from two Sandusky Register articles:

May 11, 1985

June 30, 1985

Avalanche Run was not the only major addition from 1985 to make its debut weeks into the season. Berenstain Bear Country opened on the site of the former San Francisco Earthquake in 1985, but not until June 29. The Berenstain Bears had been at Cedar Point since 1983, but this was their first home.

I don't have any insight as to the reasons why neither attraction opened with the park in May, but I did find an article from March that indicated Berenstain Bear Country would open "later in the season."

So... not exactly the most exciting thing you'll learn today, but the goal is to be as accurate as possible!

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No way!!! An Intamin ride that opened late? Get out!!

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Fake News.

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