I am heading to the Point with some friends in a couple weeks and we kind of wanted to do both the water park and park in one day. I’m surprised they don’t have a ticket combo for both in one day…

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I wouldn't recommend squeezing both into one day, unless you're ok with a diminished experience at both parks. If it's crowded, and chances are that time of year it will be, you'll be hard pressed to get much done at either park in a half day.


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Both parks in one day is actually our standard game plan most visits but we are not trying to “fit everything in”. We try to arrive at 10:30 for CPS early entry then eat lunch at 2 and in CP by 3ish. After 3-4 hours in a waterpark we are ready to move on. That is still 7 hours of coasters (and a spin on Cedar Downs) with a 10PM close.

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