Throwback Thursday - Berenstain Bear Country

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I used to love Berenstain Bear Country when I was younger.

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Having watched the TV show a little in Simon's first year, I always hated the lyric in the theme song, "They're a lot like people only more so." What the hell does that even mean? How are they more like people but not people?

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Maybe it means they're replicants like in Blade Runner ("More human than human").

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As a Cedar Point season passholder even years ago, I despized these creatures for taking away my beloved Earthquake Ride. As an adult now 3 decades later, I can confidently say that the scars still remain, HAHAHA! Sorry, I've always hated them. I'm sure some kids got some enjoyment from them, but as a teen it would have been nice having some warning when I showed up at the park in 1985. Time doesn't heal all wounds and this to me was the 80's equivalent of Dinosaurs Alive replacing PWE.

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Earthquake was one of my favorites. I think I've been in the building once, briefly and barely, since it was removed.

The Berenstain Bears are gone to "who knows where." But the Earthquake ride is alive and well on the Parkway in Gatlinburg, TN.

The ride in TN is not the same ride as CP had. CP purchased theirs from the defunct Freedomland. The Pirate Ride also came from there.

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Bluestreaker, you didn't actually think that awful attraction in Gatlinburg is Cedar Point's old ride,... did you?

RCMAC, I've never riden the ride in Gatlinburg so I don't know if it is awful or not. A friend who lives there said he heard it came from Cedar Point.

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Here is a link to a video of the Gatlinburg ride. It is a completely different ride than the CP Earthquake ride and much lower in quality. Pretty stupid actually, with dialog in the ride that is funny only because it is so stupid. Things like "the electrical powers are burning out" and "there are rats everywhere!". If the Youtube video does anything, it will show you not to waste your money on this if you are in Gatlinburg.

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^ I wish I could have been warned ahead of time, haha!

I can personally tell you that the $35 we spent for the 4 us this past summer for this ride in TN wasn't worth it but I was curious (mostly for the nostalgia sake of CP's) and wanted to compare the two. The ride in TN went about 15 feet ahead and that's all, just the background scenery changed slightly and ceiling dropped, whereas CP's went along a track and had different props such as a dragon and locations such as a ballroom, Chinatown, etc. Yeah, CP's overall was a heck of alot better and certainly more memorable. At least Margaritaville was down there, something were still waiting for up here in Ohio.

Unless you're in Cincinnati.

Cedar Point's San Francisco Earthquake was a dark ride. This Gatlinburg ripoff is a simulator *at best*.

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I remember being scared of the tree slide when I was a wee lad.

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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I may or may not have gone down that slide in the middle of the night while working an overnight shift.

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It's been awhile since I last posted sonething (I think last time was when Rougarou was announced) so I feel welcomed back.
Anyways I loved your Throwback Thursday: you should do one every week! I also like how today the Peanuts gift shop contains remnants of BBC. The tree and floor tiles are still there!:)

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We do one pretty much every week on our Facebook page, but I don't always post it here. I'll have to make sure to do a better job at that.

Here are links to the last few #tbt on Facebook:

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Am I the only one that remembers it being unnecessarily dark in there? What was the point of that?

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