Thoughts on Motel 6 Sandusky Huron?

Looking to book a weekend for HalloWeekends, but I've come across an issue: I am only 20 years old and most hotels in the area have a minimum check-in age of 21. Therefore, I've been looking at 2 options: Express and Motel 6 Sandusky Huron. I've stayed at Express before and liked it, but Motel 6 would save me a lot more money. Has anyone had bad experiences at this Motel 6? I'm just looking for a bed and bathroom, but if they've had a history of being filthy or unpleasant, I may just cut my losses and stay at Express.

operative_me -

It's ok. Has an indoor hot tub and pool. When I've stayed there it has been clean and I didn't have any noise trouble. There rooms are generic but for the price what do you expect? Unlike most Motel 6, you actually have inside corridors to get to your room, instead of your door opening up to the parking lot. If you keep you expectations in check you'll be fine.

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