These video ads are quite annoying...

Just saying...

I've never posted on this site but have been reading these forums since 2006 and love the site. I have to agree that the video ads are pretty bad. I understand that the site needs to make money through advertising, but it is getting to the point where it really detracts from the member experience.

^Agreed. Especially since I always got my music on in the background...

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I have to say that in all the years coming here, this is the first time I actually wanted to start a topic in here for this very reason. I understand ads pay for the site and I am glad Jeff can find them in order to make the site happen, and I don't mind ads either. Heck, I have even clicked on a video/ad or two.

But like what was said above, the audio from the videos is a little annoying. Mainly because I always have music on in the background and when I come to the site, I will open multiple Pointbuzz windows if there are a lot of topics. So I have to go through each page and mute the videos because there are 8 videos playing.

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You could always just mute the audio on your computer.

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Then how would I listen to the music I already have playing on my computer? Or when I am listening to a Coasterbuzz Podcast? (no really, I do listen to those:) )

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It looks like one of our ad providers started auto-selecting these for us without letting me know. I haven't seem them myself, so if you still see them two hours after this point, let me know.

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Seeing them again. Even muting doesn't work, as when you do, another loads and is un-muted.


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I had one today too.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

I've never had an ad with audio on this site before...
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Yes, but without these ads, I'd have never known that Bear Grylls wears Docker Khakis. Not sure why I would need to know that, but never know what might show up on Jeopardy someday. :)

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The video-with-audio ads have been popping up with increased frequency for me lately.

I gladly disable AdBlock for sites I enjoy that don't have auto-playing video or audio ads, but this is getting sort of ridiculous.


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It's a little strange that I never see them, but then, it depends on how many pages you view. The more you view, the less quality the ads are, I've noticed.

We use three ad providers, and I suspect the bottom one is the one where the ads are coming from, but I don't see them in their inventory. The problem is that, sometimes, you get them hosting a third-party ad, which the third party in turn could change. Those have slipped through before.

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Came across an interesting ad tonight. This was for While it was likely prerecorded, it acted as if you were in a live chat (video & audio). I didn't even notice it until I heard loud laughing, then realized it was this ad. I linked a Screenshot below. Thanks for all your hard work. :)

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Just wanted to let you know that I have noticed the noisy video ads are back again.

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I hate when these ads play when I'm listening to music. I'd hate to turn on AdBlock Plus for this site. This is one reason I'd like there to be a Paypal donation for this site or a subscription.

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Yes, the worst about these ads is they're usually on the part of the screen I'm not looking at, like down here:

These seem to be back again. There's one playing as I type this.

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The most annoying ad is the Nissan Altima.

I don't get that, but I get a flip over to the app store.
And I get an ad for some incontinence product or something that tells me to rotate my device to see it. I don't.

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