The Skelton Key/Fright Lane

Sunday, September 21, 2014 7:33 AM
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We have season passes but decided to try the Skelton Key. When we arrived for dinner at Bay Harbor at 6:15 the parking lot was full. This was Sat 9/20 with great weather and a chance of rain at 9pm. We had no problem getting into all of the haunted houses except Zombie High. This is the one in front of the park. You had your fast pass people and your Skelton or fright lane people. The line was fairly long compared to the other haunted attractions with a lot of confusion and no one to tell us what to do. I think the rain had something to do with it because "maybe some of the rides were closed down". We decided not to wait and went home around 10:30 pm. The extra Skelton rooms were really fun. You had to guess something to get out of the room. We also saw Midnight Syndicate. We love Midnight Syndicate and know some of them personally. I didn't want to miss this show. As always Cedar Point does a great job and I hope they bring back Midnight Syndicate next year. And if you do the math we were in and out of the park in 3 hours.

Jayme Sandusky, OH

Friday, January 2, 2015 4:07 AM

If Midnight Syndicate does return for 2015 they'll likely have to use the Jack Aldrich Theatre now that the Good Time Theatre is being removed. The much smaller space will require some adjustments to the production, although I assume in any case they would return with a different concept than the 2014 show.

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"Thank the Phoenicians!"

Monday, January 5, 2015 4:51 PM
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But then they would have to remove the "magic" show...

Wait, maybe thats a good thing.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015 2:25 PM

Any word on whether Skeleton Key/Fright Lane will return for 2015, and if so if the Skeleton Key rooms will be revised at all? We spent the extra $$ for the Skeleton Key last year, and the extra rooms were a lot of fun. If the rooms were updated/different experiences than last year, we would probably buy the pass again - but will probably skip it if it's a repeat of last year.

Monday, August 17, 2015 2:50 PM
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My friend and I won the fast pass and skeleton key last year from Tony. That particular day was very busy and we didn't get to ride much. Winning the passes definitely made the trip worth it, especially since the passes are like $40 on Fridays and Sundays (I think) and $60 on Saturdays... I for one can not see myself paying $60 for the pass, but since it was free it was definitely a great experience especially since it's an 1+ wait for each house...

I assume they'll return this year, but probably a different style key.

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Monday, September 21, 2015 9:31 PM

What does the Fright Lane cover?

Monday, September 21, 2015 10:24 PM

Fright Lane/Skeleton Key includes front of the line access for each of the indoor haunts and Cornstalkers one time each. It also includes special "skeleton key rooms" that are an extra room in 5 of the indoor haunts.


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