The Sand Bank of Cedar Point

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Got an email from a person whose family has lived in Sandusky since 1833. They forwarded me this photo asking for any information I might have. I have never seen anything close to this before. I wonder if this was the equivalent of Beagle Bucks. $10 in 1920 would have gone a long way. Thoughts?

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That's interesting. I have no idea what it is.

Just about every word on the front and back of the bill is a term, slang, or idiom for "money".

It sure looks like a chit of some kind, like Beagle Bucks, and it makes me think of some form of gambling. Although I don't think there was ever any recognized or legal form of gambling at the Point. And gambling items from that time would be coins or chips I reckon.

I'd be interested to examine the bill to see how old it really is. (I'm no expert) "All Star Series 1920" may refer to the year the bill was good, but it may also refer to some prior, notable event. Baseball? Were there all-star games in the 20's? And "quota" on the strange Uncle Sam's hat has me confused.

Plus, there are other Cedar Points as graphical locations in other places, and this may have nothing to do with the one we know. But being that the owner of the paper is of Sandusky lineage, it likely is.

So I got nothing. It's fascinating, though.

Fascination? :)

I wonder if it was some type of promotion after the Cleveland 1920 World Series...there was no baseball all star game in the 1920s.

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Perhaps someone at the Follett House Museum or Sandusky Library would know. The library has a fantastic history blog.

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I chuckled out loud when I read/saw the signature to the right of the center photo...

"Jon Dough"

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