The right "Ready To Go" mix

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There's only one right mix.

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Wondering if those who had to work ttd got so sick of the same 30 seconds of one song. Reminds me of Paul Rudds character in “40 year old virgin” losing his mind over the in-store music video on repeat.

…of course they only really had to run the ride like half the time so maybe not.

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After working WT for a few seasons, I never got tired of “The Winner”. And that was on a constant loop. When the ride you work has something that adds to the hype for the guest experience, you tend to either block it out or learn to enjoy it.

Wicked Twister and Dragster crew here, some people tired of them. I didn't.

Crystal Method's "The Winner" is still a regular play in my car. In '03 we knew we hit interval if the train was up the back spike transitioning from Swing 2 to Swing 3 when the last high-pitched "pa-tiiiiing" of the song played in the station. That was the absolute fastest we could get the train out.

Ready To Go was just fun. Our crew had fun with it and threw up our clears in time to the beat, hitting that high clear on the last 'Ready to Go'. Twas good times. Also a regular play in my car today.

But, I'm not a stick in the mud and I'm down to try any remixes if they're good. ;)

2003 - Wicked Twister
2004 - Wicked Twister/Top Thrill Dragster

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