The parks 1st Hallowekends...1997 style.

Thought this video would be fitting with the Haunt season starting back up. I still have my brochure from attending this back in 97' but don't remember much about the Cedar Point Cemetery haunt that was located in the former Disaster Transport building. I remember going through Pharoah's Curse and Happy Jack's Toy Factory in that same location years later but don't remember any of the inside themeing of this haunt from 1997. I don't see how I could of skipped it. Anyone have memories of the inside of this haunt from back then? I also remember the CarnEvil outside walkthrough area being by the AWE stadium around then, maybe a few years later. I do remember (and have a pic of) the skeleton w/the Banshee shirt (in the middle of the main midway) across from Cadillac Cars. Check out the live actors on the land along the traveling route of the CP/LE Railroad. Were you there at the 1st Halloweekends? Enjoy the video clip!

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I was there at the 1st and everyone since then but I was into riding more than I was into the haunts.

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Didn't Halloweekends start in 1996?

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