The MF lift at its higest point

If you go over to the webcam it appears that the highest point of the lift has been put in place!

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Is it May yet?
Actually, the tower that will go up right behind that tower you mentioned will be a little bit taller, but not by much.

Ain't it neat to have your butt out of the seat.
I think Max is right. But it looks like they are getting real close.
NO. I think that the towers are both 300 ft. tall.
That was the tower they finished yesterday because you couldn't see the top until they angled the camera up.
i'm watching them top off the tower next to the tallest one right now... first time i've had a chance to watch it happen :)
The lift is finished! they are done installing all of the lift towers! Time to work their way down.
I read that too. It's strange, because right now it looks even with the illustration. This ride is going to be a monster! Can't wait!

I said this on another post, but it's about time they updated the diary. I mean, just write something when you are driving back home or taking a break. It's no big deal to write a few sentences down. We coaster fanatics want factual info.
Quicherbichen, for God's sake!

The diary, like the webcam is a service that CP doesn't HAVE to provide. It's something extra that they do. I'm sure that the GP isn't following the construction or the diary like we are, and I'd be VERY surprised if the fact that these things are there draw more people to the park next year.

Therefore, just enjoy the fact that you can see a new view of the MF every 50 seconds, and try not to worry about the verbage regarding the percentage of completion.

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I think that the picture is right and the diary was supposed to be updated a couple of days ago and nobody did.
I totally agree with Duane, that is a service the Cedar Point is providing, though they don't have to.

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I like that Quicherbichen part I laughed hard
Why does one of MF's towers look like it's rotated to the side? It might just be me but it looks rather strange!
GO BUCKS! There's always next year!
It's just a illusian. It's probably what is called "coaster withdrawl". Don't feel bad it is common in the Winter. I thought I saw one of the cranes pick up one of the towers and carry it to the other side of the web cam one time. Then I thought one of the towers fell over. Of course none of this happened and it was just pieces to be put up on the other towers. I have seen much worse cases than yours and trust me you will be fine. I remember people claiming Woodstock's Express looked taller than Corkscrew when it was being built. Many thought Power Tower was going to be a coaster. Heck I knew someone who Thought one of those towers ran right into the Lake (though I really don't talk to him anymore). Thats not even getting into what happened when Magnum was being built (can anyone say Magnum distress syndrome). I just hope we don't see a out break of something new. I mean with Millennium Force and all. Plus all the other coasters going up. Well only time will tell.

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Thanks for the diagnosis Doc! LOL It just looked very odd. The bad thing is, winter doesn't even start until the 22nd! Ugh! Fall sucks!

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