The incredible shrinking content block...

I'm just griping that I had to reprofile my signature to make it fit again. Gonna miss that speed hill and that little bump before the turnaround... :)

Not sure how long ago the format changed, but it took me until tonight to fix it on my end.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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Well there’s something to focus on for the off season

On this end it just looks like your keyboard has stuck keys.
There’s no hills, it’s just a bunch of dyslexic tic tac toe.
Always has been, now it’s worse.

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New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

XS- Turn your phone sideways.


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RideMan, Dave, I had a ride question that came to me last weekend as I was looking at Wicked Twister.

(In the past I remember you always having interesting details about how various rides operate, just thought I would post it here since I saw your post.)

At the top of each "spire" there appears to be a spring or hydraulic bumper or stop. Has that ever come into play when the ride is operating? I have never seen Wicked Twister come within 10-15 feet of it.

Just random curiosity seeing as though they are removing it to California soon......

From experience, I can tell you, yes. You can see on the front and back of the train there is a metal part that sticks out. Once it hit the “bumper” (that’s what we called it), the ride automatically E-stopped. This was during testing only though. It’s what was referred to as an “over shot” and occurred on the back tower.

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