The Goodwill Christmas Ornament Collection

I was talking to a friend and he asked me if I knew about the annual Goodwill CP Christmas Ornaments. Apparantly the good people over at Goodwill put out an annual Christmas ornament. As far as I know there is one from '96: The Blue Streak, '97: The Armored Horse, '98 The Popcorn Stand, and the '99 being the G.A. Boeckling ship. As far as I know the only place I have heard that sells them is the Hallmark in the Sandusky mall. I picked up the '96 and '99 ones at $15 each. Now I plan on going back soon to pick up the other two. I was just curious if anyone out there or locals from the Sandusky area know the history behind these ornaments. How far they date back, how many of each are made (the certificate that comes with each one is apart of a limited number but does not say how many are produced.) Any details would be appreciated. If you are CP collector and are in the area stop by the mall and ask a clerk to see them.

Speaking of Christmas ornaments I came across one that is a flat, white circle that has the Armored horse on it. On the back it says The Amazement Park. I got it on eBay a while back and I was just curious where it came from. If anyone has any clues e-mail me or post it here.

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Damnit! I was just at Sandusky Mall about a week ago and in the Hallmark store. I was with my friend who was looking at ornaments but I wasn't paying much attention and never noticed them. Now I'm going to have to make the 45-minute drive back out there.

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"one that is a flat, white circle that has the Armored horse on it"

I have the same one. I bought mine at one of the CP gift shops a few (or several) years back.

Not sure how far back the Goodwill ones go, but I have the ones you mention. Other places to purchase them in Sandusky (or at least where you've been able to before): The Lunch Box and the Cleveland Road Greenhouse.

Now I have another reason to go to Sandusky this winter

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