The Gatekeeper

It is Memorial Day weekend, and you would think that CP would be able to get all the lights on The Gatekeeper trains working. It is nice to see all the rides running today, including The Sky Rides.

Gonna hijack your thread a bit... the gatekeepers (metal detector security guards) made a change at the main gate this weekend. They shut down the left side detectors, and set up pre-detector detectors and additional barriers on the middle bank.

I asked one of the guards if this was just for the holiday weekend and he said they were testing it out, and it made the morning crowds easier. I visited later in the day, speed didn't seem too different. Another minor annoyance probably due to staffing issues. if it works out, wonder if they'll keep just one bank open, or use this new system on the 2nd as well.

Otherwise, for Memorial Day weekend it wasn't bad. Crowded, but the ride/food lines went quick.

The CoasterHawk.

I get it.

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