The Cedar Pointers: Barney Bulldog, Daniel Spaniel, and Cassie Basset

It would be 40 years ago, as of this post, that Cedar Point's first mascots were introduced. They were dogs, very colorful to be exact, but before my time as they would be replaced by The Berenstain Bears.

While the three characters are known, I noticed a 4th dog/mascot. He was blue and like the other three wore a cap. Evidence had surface on the web such as this video at 4:23 , another video at 3:43 , and even as the ride height sign for Turnpike Cars as shown on this video at 5:25

My question is did he have a name since there is no written record on who he is?????

In '74 (or maybe 5) my college roommate was in Live Shows as a costumed character. He was a tall, yellow rabbit. It had no direct association with anything CP and I don't remember if he had a name. But he was out in the heat 5-6 times a day.
I haven't watched these vids yet, but I will. Thanks for posting them.

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Lots of memories in those videos, but, the characters aren't one of them. 1977 was my last summer in the park. I spent my working hours either in the picnic areas or the main kitchen. I do remember those blue & red rideops uniforms. I always wore a manager's uniform outside the kitchen. Blue slacks, white shirt, a tie, and usually gallons of sweat! If I had a few minutes, it was easy to get out of uniform (ditch the tie & nametag) and slip into the IMAX theater to cool off! The Laundry folks loved me (not!) because I'd sometimes have to get a clean uniform a couple times a day. My bosses made sure they had lots more clothes for me than standard issue! Always loved the Jumbo Jet and of course the Streak. On a day off, I'd sometimes hop on the Space Spiral with a portable ham radio & talk with a buddy in Cleveland. Best ride though was always Corkscrew in the middle of the night after the Circus closed!

the fourth mascot was Shep Sheepdog

MathMagic said:

the fourth mascot was Shep Sheepdog

Awesome, Thanks MathMagic. There are other videos of the mascots, but I was more interested in finding out the blue dog's name. I wonder why they left him out in brochures? Was he a mascot prior? I guess that's a mystery. World's of Fun was able to this year sell retro stuff of PJ Panda, one of their previous mascots before the Cedar Fair purchase. Perhaps Cedar Point could do that too. Dorney Park did something similar too bringing back Alfundo the Clown.

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