Thanks for the audio!!

I just want to say how awesome it is to have audio of the opening ceremony and the interview with CP's PR guy. I hope that you can continue to upload audio of stuff happening throughout the park - or anything else you come across.

Walking tours would be just cool too if you can give a good narration of what's going on. Interviews with various folks working @ CP might be kind of cool too.

I would love to hear a "podcast" all about CP's resorts and future plans to improve the CP Resorts. I'd like to learn more about the money they are pouring into the Sandcastle Suites.

Disney has SOOO many podcasts - and I found them immensely helpful as we planned our spring pilgrimage to WDW.

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FOUR BUCKS for a stinkin' apple @ Subway. Ain't CP great? ;D

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It's going to get even better. Jeff is working on video from opening day and that will also be part of the feed.

I bought new audio equipment over the off-season and I hope to put to good use this summer.

As a reminder, you can find this stuff on iTunes, as well as our media feed.

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Yeah, the video is forthcoming, though it won't have much of the opening speech by Hildebrandt since Diana interviewed him afterward. She also interviewed Pete. :)

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Love all three!



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