Text Editor / Container has issues w/ Text Formatting

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Issue w/ Text using Underline format for text. Text will display fine in the text editor, upon posting this text is omitted from the post


  1. Create text content either in the text container, or externally + copy & paste.
  2. Use "Ctrl + U" to start underlining text format
  3. Create text with underline
  4. Click submit new topic

Result: Text omitted from post

Expected Result: Text appears as formatted in text editor

Also unexpected, the Underline text formatting option does not appear in the text editor as a clickable object

Also, Jeff, the text below this line is underlined, and doesn't appear. Not sure if that'll help find what's being removed:

Corkscrew, Power Tower, Magnum, & Monster/ Witches Wheel Crew 2011

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