#tbt Jungle Larry's Safari

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Clip of David Tetzlaff performing with his Royal Bengal tigers at Jungle Larry's Safari in 1994

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Great video. I started going to CP the year Magnum opened. But I never got to see any of the Jungle Larry shows.

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Thanks Walt for posting this latest historical CP tidibit. I'm a sucker for any CP history. I remember these shows like yesterday and would watch them once a year. Does anyone remember the "ligers" (lion/tiger hybrids) at Jungle Larry's or that concrete/plaster? cave that you used to walk through that had tons of snakes and spiders behind glass windows? I vaguely remember there being black lights in there. Yes, good times. Hard to picture with Power Tower there now.

Jungle Larry actually had Tiglons (or tigons), the cross between a male tiger and a female lion. The liger is a male lion and a female tiger. Larry and Jane's 3 cubs were born in 1969 in Ohio. They claimed to have the only successful breeding program, which was based in Naples.

We would cruise through Jungle Larry's just about every visit. We'd normally just look at the animals and seldom stayed for the show (Seen one, seen em all). I often wondered what the animals and birds thought of Corkscrew , which ran what seemed to be about 5 feet from where they lived. Apparently they didn't mind.

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Great video, Walt. Thanks for posting. Yes, I remember walking through the "cave" that featured display windows of the snakes and spiders while drinking one of those juice drinks in fruit shaped plastic containers. All that remains of Jungle Larry is one building that houses the Power Station/Speed Zone souvenir shop.

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