#tbt - Great Lake Erie Roller

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Artist's rendering of the Great Lake Erie Roller, which was announced by Cedar Point 40 years ago today, October 29, 1975. The ride was renamed and opened as Corkscrew on May 15, 1976.

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It's cute that they were considering a little cupola for the first hill like Blue Streak.

"Thank the Phoenicians!"

I'm sure the park wishes all their coasters cost $1.75 mil

This Isn't A Hospital--It's An Insane Asylum!

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Great post Walt. I never knew the name was changed. Also, very cool that it was 40 years ago today.

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Keep bringing more Corkscrew stuff, always makes me happy seeing stuff from the past involving my good old ride :)

Corkscrew, Power Tower, Magnum, & Monster/ Witches Wheel Crew 2011

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Now you've opened a can of worms. We're going to see people at the park next year with "Great Lake Erie Roller" shirts that they got in their press kits, and in 2020, a ride with that same name will open at Kings Island.

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