Table alignment?

Okay, here's an issue I just encountered...

There's a screenshot of the weird alignment issue I'm getting. It seems to only be affecting pages sub that URL appears fine, but the other ones, such as the general forum and individual threads appear with the centered table instead of the left justified which would play well with the ad banner.

Any thoughts?

(I'm not a frequent PB visitor anymore, so I don't know how long this has been occurring.)

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Problems like that usually are your browser, or just that particular ad. Try refreshing or use a different browser.

I'm using Safari and I don't have any issues.

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I use Firefox. I've never seen that. The layout hasn't changed in three years.

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It looks to me like the computer is wide screen and The table is "moving it's self". I dont know the proper terms. Ive only done little web design, and crappy stuff at that. But my point being, try a smaller resolution, Since you already have firefox.

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