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Two words for you all.....SKYLINE CHILI!!!! I didnt care too much for the Midway Market this year, and well The Joe Cool Cafe sat well with my kid.

Shoot the rapids, tame and dry. Thunder Canyon, wet and laughter. Snake River Falls, soaked and smiling. White Water Landing and the old shoot the rapids, Fun and missed.

Pete said:
Mac, I think the restaurant in the convention center building was called the Coral Dining Room. I think back in the day it was open to the public but now is just used for group events.

The Swiss Chalet and Coral Dining Room were connected by a hallway that held the restrooms. Not sure if it is still like that as I haven't been inside of Joe Cool Cafe.

That building/complex actually has several facilities in it. The food services office, part of the warehouse, employee cafeteria, central commissary, Joe Cool Cafe, food services education office, and Coral Dining Room are all connected in that building. The Joe Cool Cafe restrooms still connect to the old Coral Dining Room and the food service education office. Upstairs there is a huge auditorium that is used mainly for training, but is still available for private functions as well. It really is amazing to see some of the old and relatively unchanged parts of these old buildings.

My favorite though is still the Grand Ballroom above the arcade. It feels like you walked right into the 1950's. I wish they could find a use for it beyond training and the one or two private functions that they have up there every year, but the ADA upgrades would cost far too much to make it worth while for the company.

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Thanks for all the replies.

Take Care and Stay Warm. It's -4 (actual temp no wind chill factored in) here.


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I worked in Catering back in the mid-70s and worked off and on in both the Swiss Chalet and the Coral Dining Room. The Chalet was open all day and was the "all you can fit on your plate" place others have described. While it had a fairly set menu, it was also the place that leftovers from the Coral Dining Room were used up. The employees' name for the Chalet was the "Garbage Garage!" The Coral Dining Room was, at the time, a more formal all-you-can-eat buffet as was popular at the time. It was only open for dinner and the food was much better than the Garage. I worked in there carving steamship round of beef 1 or 2 nights per week. The challenge was always how many guests I could serve out of 1 round of beef! Upstairs above the Coral Dining Room was known as the Convention Center. We typically did catered events up there.

I find it amazing that Health and Safety laws (Even back then) didn't prevent the "Leftovers" at the other buffet. I hope things weren't sitting out that long... Gross.

Jay McKinney said:
I find it amazing that Health and Safety laws (Even back then) didn't prevent the "Leftovers" at the other buffet. I hope things weren't sitting out that long... Gross.

I'm sure that Cedar Point did have very stringent food rules in place back then like they do now.

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Did someone say "skyline chili"?......drool

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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Just because we served leftovers doesn't mean we didn't adhere to strict food handling policies. I worked many long hours in the Main Kitchen and never had any concerns with the food prepared and served out of that kitchen.

:0) I respect that answer John. I honestly have to wonder how many would ever call back after a little case of disentary? Especially when it is very hard to pin down the source over three meals (which is about the time it takes to show up) :-) Just something to think about. I'll take my beef radiated any day!

I sure do .I remember stating at Breakers around 1967 and the Circus bar had a band playing and I was allowed to go in and sit with my parents.So sad they got rid of it

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