Sunday and Monday June 3 and 4

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I had originally started a thread for just Monday, but I'm going to head down Sunday because I have 3 days off work and may as well take full advantage of my season pass. We'll be heading down some time during mid afternoon aiming to get to the park between 5 and 6. We'll spend the evening at the park then stay at the Super 8 in town. We'll probably spend all day at the park Monday and head home that night. Hope to see some pointbuzzers!

**Jordan posted the following in the original thread.

JordanRct said:
Yes i am going to be there monday!

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

the cheese returns to the Point! I havent been there for 5 years after working there from 97-2000, last visit was in 2002..

Fear not citizens of the world. The cheese lives!

Stockade '98 '99
White Water Refreshments '99
Charlie Brown's Cookout '00

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