Steel Vengeance struck by lightning

I’m hearing from multiple people that Steel Vengeance got stuck by lightning last night and could be down for quite a bit. Not sure how long that means, whether it just means today or for a few days.

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Can anybody verify this? Can somebody update whether it runs today or not?

I know very few of us have time to just stare at webcams all day nor would anyone want to. With that said, the Power Tower West cam has a good view of Steel Vengeance which might be helpful for those of us not at the park today. While I wait for my flight, I have checked it from time to time and nothing has run yet based on about 15 minutes of monitoring it.

I know direct updates from folks at the park are the best, but this might help give you an idea as well.

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SV has not opened thus far.

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It’s definitely down. No sign of activity and guests cant even cross the tracks.

Looks like it might be testing now. Cant wait to get to the park in the coming days ahead.

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According to Tony on his twitter, it's open.

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Confirming it’s open.

Fyi- for the first time I believe all season, Steel Vengeance was ready for Early Entry today (even with the rain and wind!)

Last Saturday also opened on time at 9, though I heard from a guest before the running of the bulls that it had only done so once or twice to that point. I managed to get the first train, but it took about 10 minutes for them to send the 2nd, then normal dispatch time to send the 3rd. When I got off and walked back across the tracks to go to Maverick it was 919am and they had the line quoted at 1 hour already lol.

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