Steel Vengeance 3 train Ops?

Didn't make it to the point this year but did SV run 3 train ops this past season?

There have been many discussions on SV and its operations. The answer is yes, the ride runs with all three trains on the track, but with the way they run it with the pouches, seatbelts, lapbars, double checking seats, etc, the third one really does very little if any good.


Hopefully they’ll run all 3 trains this year🤞🏻

Jake Padden
13-Tiques/Wave Swinger
12-Camp Snoopy; Tiques/Wave Swinger
11-CP & LE Railroad Platform; Cedar Creek Mine Ride; Tiques/Wave Swinger

I don't think it will ever hit the projected riders per hour, but it doesn't really matter. It is such a great ride that no matter what the wait you walk off with a smile on your face. Just like Maverick. For me coasters are just like cars and relationships. You can go for a sure thing B&M, Honda Civic and there are no surprises but the ones you remember are the ones that left you broke down standing in the rain. But oh when they worked, there was nothing better.

Not true. I had a 1974 Fiat 124 that most of the time either broke down or wouldn't start. Rain, snow, sunshine, it didn't matter. When it did run, I always wished I was in something better. Oh, to be young and poor again:)

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