Standing on top of Power Tower

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Tony Clark posted a cool photo of Stan Checketts standing on top of Power Tower to his Twitter account:

Love seeing the Wildcat again. Also no TTD, Millennium Force, and the Giant Wheel is still behind the train station.

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Unfortunately, the screen is still in front of it.

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Didn't I read somewhere that he does that on all S&S towers when they are built?

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RideMan or Red Garter Rob might know for sure, but I think he was fined by OSHA for that.

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^Worth it though

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Why would he be fined? He is clearly wearing a harness with double lanyard fall protection. It is not like he is free climbing the thing. I don't see how him being up there is any different than someone maintaining that beacon he is standing on or climbing any other tall structure.

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Actually there was already a thread from 6 years ago about this. My bad thought it was new-ish.

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