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It seems that there's been a recent increase in the use of chat shorthand and poor grammar. While this is not English class, it is extremely difficult to read posts that are full of shorthand, misspelled words, and sentences that run together.

It's easy to run your post through a spell checker before posting (use MS Word, your e-mail program, or SpellCheck.net). Use periods to end sentences and capitalize the first letter of the first word in the next sentence. It will make it much easier to read. And remember, people like to read real, spelled out words ... "ur," "ne," and "r" are not words! This is not AOL Instant Messenger. We're not going to be grading each post, but we will use the Warning Points system for users who are continuously flagrant.

Like I said, we're not looking for perfect grammar. But by keeping these thoughts in mind, you will help continue to make this a great place for Cedar Point discussion. Your fellow CP Place members will appreciate your effort because your post will be easier to read!

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To add to what Walt said, there is a great, free for personal use, spell checker that works with Internet Explorer. It's called ieSpell, and will check all text entry fields on a web page.

You can get ieSpell at http://www.iespell.com/

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Or if you use a real browser like Firefox, you'll be pleased to know that spell checking is built-in.

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