Obvoiusly the top speed of MF will be 92mph, but what will the whole ride average out to? How fast will the majority of the ride be? Has CP released any of these numbers? It would be interesting to know how fast you will be going at different points on the track.
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Do the math... 6,595 feet of track, the ride takes about 2:45. Average speed = Distance/Time.
That would be too simple. You are forgetting to account for the time going up the lift hill. That time and track length will distort a calculation of distance/time.
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You asked for the average speed of the ride, and the lift is part of the ride, so that's it. Word on the street is that the lift will take about 30 seconds, and the length of the lift track is about 425 feet, so calculate based on 6,170 feet and 2:15.
Using 6170 and 2.25 minutes, I come up with an average speed of 31.16 mph. That just doesn't sound right. I guess the "average" speed of the whole ride is not real crucial, but I would like to know how much it slows down after it hits 92mph.
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That sounds right to me... in fact it even sounds high to me! When it comes to average speed, consider that the ride spends more time cresting hills at a slower rate than flying through valleys at top speed. And even still... moving over 70 mph on the second and third drops still sounds good to me!
That first sharp turn will cut it's speed alot.
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How do you figure?

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