spanish flamenco song at the park

Ok I was wondering if anyone who was at the park recently remembers this song that plays randomly in the midways in a loop/in line for rides. it's a radio hit and a new-ish song, and I'm not sure who sings it. I heard it playing in line for gatekeeper. The chorus has a sort of Spanish instrumental mix and it's sung by a man. I tried to listen to the lyrics to get a clue, but the music changed to another song. Anyone know this song?

I'll keep an ear open when I'm there Tuesday. :)

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Here you go:

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Is that really what she was referring to 😂 great movie though!

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It was probably Darude "Sandstorm".

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lol It was not a techno song. :)

It was sung in english, it was just an upbeat artsy song (I'm not sure what genre it was) where the chorus had Spanish instrumentals. They probably play it on the radio many times. I think it's a recently new song.

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Is it maybe this song?

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You beat me to it Brian! Ha

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