Songs that played on intercoms past

I believed the song selection in the Cedar Point intercom had a different change in recent years........

Here are the classic I remember from Cedar Point trips past.......

School Day/Riding Along In My Automobile- Chuck Berry (wouldn't the night sky be more cool with Chuck Berry "playing" on the intercom, what a way to get ready to end the day)

Funkytown- Lipps Inc. (Calypso wouldn't have been a more fun ride with this song. Also great day walking song.

Walking on Sunshine- Katrina and the Waves (not sure if this played)

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One of my favorite vivid memories is of the looping soundtrack that would play for 2 years when Mantis first opened. I remember hearing some of these songs over and over when standing in that line which seemed took an eternity to get through. Shania Twains Feeling Lucky Today (?), Breakfast at Tiffanys, Smokey Robinson's: Tears of a Clown, and others I can't remember. I used to have a cassette (!) that I recorded of all these songs. That would be a blast seeing it today if I could ever find it. Anyone else remember the original Mantis queue line songs when it first opened?

EVERY TIME I here Breakfast at Tiffany's or Manic Monday I think of waiting in line for the Mantis because those 2 songs played soo many times waiting in that line!

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I remember the dj booths that still stand in a few places. That one for Raptor was pretty intense looking. I think millennium was the last coaster to have one.
I remember the frontier town songs more than queue songs. Esp joe Diffie pickup man and Tracy Lawrence Better man Better off. I spent a lot of time back there as a kid riding mine ride and WWL.

First ride; Magnum 1994

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