Something to pass the time.........

I was bored at work and wanted to come up with something to keep us busy....

You've got the chance to go and get in one last ride before the long wait until spring. Except Cedar Point, where would you go and what would you ride?

I'd definatley have to head down to the Island and take one more night ride on the Beast.

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Well, my last ride this year was on Serial Thriller at GL.
Outside of flying down to Orlando, and spend the entire winter down there (I wish!!) My last ride would have to be on the Thunderbolt at Kennywood (only 10 min. from my house)

For the record, this year, my final ride was on Raptor.

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Raging Bull at SFGAm...a great ride. love B&M forever because of it...good way to cure Magnum withdrawl..200 feet of bliss.

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Superman Ride of Steel SFDL. Hulk at IOA would be a close second, but not enough top end speed..It does beat Superman off the line though! LOL
Puff'n the Winston..Drink'n a 4-O..Toofast, and I'm gona let ya know.
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I just watch the S:ROS POV over and over again... that WAS my last ride of the season.

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I can't give an answer. I always make sure my last coaster ride of the year is always a CP coaster.

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Yeah Superman was my last ride too: And it would be hte answer to your question
My last ride of '99 was Shivering Timbers at Michigan's Adventure.
I just might do that again this year. I love that coaster.
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I second that one Bill..ST is a sweet coaster!!

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My last ride was the Wild Thing at Valley Fair. Of course, the year isn't over yet. I wonder if HersheyPark has the Great Bear open for Christmas Candylane? Nah...
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Last ride this year was the Tennessee Tornado at Dollywood. Good coaster, I should add...

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My last ride was at SFGa on the new GAScorgare... what a bust. The tight turns were great but only two loops :( I was highly upset! I am going to IOA w/ my family in January so I am gearing up for that! I cannot wait!!
My last ride was Appollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens in VA!! What a ride!!! Two thumbs up Gene!

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Kumba, at BGT. This happened once, the park was about to close, so we ran back to the back of the park, and there were only 2 people on Kumba! So they let us ride in pitch black, 5 times in a row. We didn't even have to get off. It was wonderful!

I am going to Mall of America for New Years. My last ride will surely be there.

Jeff, Why not just watch the Millennium Force POV? lol
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Well Even though it is a CP coaster it was the Raptor. last ride of the season was Volcano:tbc and it was the next to last train out. only me and my girlfriend on it. I was talking to the ride op and he said it's almost 4 mph faster with an almos empty train
If I could go anywhere, I head over to jolly old England and take a ride on looks awesome, but I doubt I will ever get a chance to go. Realistically, Apollo's Chariot at BGW.

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