Some Season/Platinum Pass questions

Not new at all to Cedar Point, but considering purchasing season passes or platinum passes for the first time. Some questions..

When platinum passes assure early entry, can I bring a group with me? Let's say I'm going with 4 people but I'm the only one with a platinum pass, can we all get in early?

If I were to buy these, I would buy them at meijer as they are cards that can fit nicely into my wallet. How would I get my photo taken then for the park's registration? Would I present some sort of ID?

Can I take friends who don't have season passes with me through the season pass entry line?

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Early entry: from what I've seen, as long as they're with you, they are able to go too.

I'm pretty sure the meijer cards are pretty much gift cards that you exchange for a pass, but even if they are not, it's all done in season pass processing.

There is no season pass entry line, so there's that...

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