Some rides not operating tonight

Why is Sky Ride, Train, and The Iron Dragon not operating tonight?

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Solar flares.

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Train kept a rollin', all night long but I just couldn't tell a soul.

PointBuzz paid Cedar Point to close them early to test out if you would in fact create another thread about Sky Ride.

You passed.

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I know The Sky Ride may have been closed because there were white caps on the lake. I thought asking about the other two was legitimate. I watched the cam and there was no train or Iron Dragon running. I would be pissed if I were there.

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"Train" has a name, you know.

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CoasterHawk said:

I would be pissed if I were there.

Yet you never seem to be

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CoasterHawk said:

I watched the cam and there was no train or Iron Dragon running. I would be pissed if I were there.

Don't ever go if there's a passing rain shower or 15mph sustained winds, or you'll be in the parking lot asking to be made whole faster than a seagull pooping on a car in the parking lot.

I see that The Iron Dragon is not running, and it is during the Cedar Point Pride and Spectacular. The last time I was there this was the case. Why does it shut down during the show? But why is the train not running? The last time I was there I rode the train to actually get away from that show.

Unless there is a problem with the track itself, the only reason I can think of that the railroad isn't running is that they didn't have an operating crew available. That's not your usual push button type of operation. Steam locomotive engineers and firemen (or women, they have done the job in the past) is a skilled position. I know that some of the people from last year came back, but it wouldn't surprise me that not all of them did. Plus it's a hot, dirty and physically demanding job. Not everyone wants to do it, nor does everyone that applies for it gets accepted. Back when I worked there they would work from before opening until well after close. Sixteen hour days were the norm at the beginning and end of the season. Maybe they aren't permitted to do that anymore, I don't know. I know one of the engineers pops on here occasionally, perhaps he can clarify, if he can.

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Wind picked up, sky ride shut down.

ID closes early for the show.

I was on the train at 9:45 PM (last ride). It was running. They were running 2 earlier but almost usually go down to 1 the last hour. Unless you watch the webcam for 20 minutes straight you will miss it then.

Or get off the webcam and go enjoy life.

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That kid... is back.. on the escalator again.

I wasn’t at CP itself this past weekend, but I’m sure Sky Ride was probably weather related. CP & LE Railroad, as someone else mentioned, probably staffing. Now as for Iron Dragon; if it wasn’t because of the show, meanwhile down in Mason…I think I know why about Iron Dragon, but I’m sure KI & Cedar Fair doesn’t want the bad publicity, so if anyone wants more info of that, message me and I’ll be happy to answer there.

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If you're implying that ID is down because of what happened to The Bat at KI, I don't think that's the case, since ID is currently operating.


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It's not exactly a secret that a wheel fell off The Bat. The train made it back to the station as it was designed to do in the event of such a failure. It's been on the news in Southwest Ohio, but surprisingly in a somewhat realistic, non-sensationalized fashion.

I'm sure the Sandusky Register is demanding access to the ride to do their own inspection.

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