Solo Week 6/18-6/22

Heading to CP for a whole week by myself, raid or shine. I'll be frequenting the lines of TTD, Millie, and Maverick, with a stop by Soak City one of the days. If you see me and want to say hi to "John Top," (that's what I'll respond to,) feel free, I don't bite.

I'll be sure to throw up a trip report and an update to the TTD report card for the days I'm there.

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I'll be there tuesday june 19th, my first ride will be Maverick, maybe i'll see you there.

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I'll be heading up on Thursday afternoon/evening to be there for Maverick Joe Cool ERT. I'm sure I'll try to catch a ride or two on TTD before the park closes.

I may be there on Wednesday, depends on plans.

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