So like seriously... What rumors are true?

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Was at the park this closing weekend (Friday & Saturday) and noticed some rides not running at all. Gemini and Magnum being some of them. Heard some rumors about Gemini could be on the way out. Any truth to that rumor?

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Yes...slowly over the course of many, many years gemini is indeed on its way out.

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What about any rumors for celebration Plaza where Monster Jam was. They did a nice job with the Halloweekends show, but that can totally be moved because I think this stages shelf life is about over. Always thought it was awkward that people stand in front of stage while traffic has to go around everyone. It's a weird set up. And with the addition of the roster jam track/old cedars site being vacant. You could put a ride there with the line going over the road

Gemini never runs on Haunt Fridays. I’m not sure about Magnum, on Saturday except it poured rain all day.

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I can confirm the rumor I've just started that they are tearing down the blue side of Gemini, and the red side will be Gold Pass only. You heard it here first.

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I was in the park too on Saturday. The morning was perfect, and then it poured the rest of the day starting at 1PM. They didn't haven't either ride open ever

I think it’s official. What could be worse than CP being overrun with Gold Passers? They have infiltrated PointBuzz...

Gemini opened on Sunday shortly after 4 if I recall. It was one of the last rides to open and ran red side only despite over an hour wait.

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I can confirm that Gemini is now closed. It is unlikely that it will reopen anytime soon.

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If it opens again it'll take at least seven months, by my estimation.

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It seems Gemini has had alot of problems toward the end of the season. Seems like it could get to the point where it's not worth fixing anymore

Any ride could get to the point of not being worth maintaining. They are machines with useful lives. But that a given ride isn't open on a given day (particularly during Halloweekends) doesn't necessarily mean it needed to be fixed.

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Well I am know that this past weekend wasn't the only time Gemini had problems. People have talked about it here in the past and also noticed this when I visited in June. Also I believe Gemini takes up a large footprint because of the fact it is a wooden coaster

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Gemini is not a wooden coaster!

Tony tweeted about a "Major Announcement" and that "It will be something special"....interesting...

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Tony tweeted about a "Major Announcement" and that "It will be something special"....interesting...

I'm not getting too excited or have high expectations, CP are going to try and over hype everything related to the 150th.

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A silver pass?

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A silver pass probably would have been introduced already. Call Gemini what you want, but looks like there is alot of wood supporting the track. I wonder if there is going to be a grand announcement for Tony's little surprise or it's going to trickle out like the details for Forbidden Frontier

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I'm with Thabto- It's a Silver Pass.

Think of how many more people they can jam in the park at $49.00, gonna make those record numbers for 150th for sure

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