Snake River Falls and Thunder Canyon

My kids are 44 1/2" and 46" tall.... can they ride the Snake River Falls and Thunder Canyon if they are with me (who is over the height requirement)? I really want them to ride this and thought kids were allowed on it.


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Thunder Canyon closed for the season on 8/27 to prepare for CornStalkers, but the height requirement is strictly 46". So your 46" inch child would be able to ride Thunder Canyon if it was open, however Snake River Falls is 48" only, so neither of your children would be able to ride. Hope this helps!

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Kadee504 -

Thank you! That definitely helps. We won't be there until Sept 1 - 4. Makes planning easier if I know the water rides are out.


If it's Halloweekends you're looking for, keep in mind that those attractions close early in the season, anyway. Check the app for availability.

Kadee504 -

Thank you. We are actually heading up over labor day weekend.

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