Snake River Expedition

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Oh, I definitely agree, I don't think it needs a major overhaul. But some new canopies, the replacement of the incongruous last vestiges of Kingdom-era décor, a "fresh coat of paint", etc. seems overdue. But I also get that it's probably hard to justify given that its audience is small.


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Yes, and if I look at it through a little boys' eyes I think one of the most important things would be to have the buzzer or horn operational in whatever spinny car they stick me in.

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Just came across this photo (credit Christian McGee) on facebook. Wow, they really cranked out the passengers on those boats. I see two boats in action and 3 or 4 more parked by where Iron Dragon turns around. I wonder if there were more out on the course/waterway.

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I also get that it's probably hard to justify given that its audience is small.

I see what you did there. Intentional or not, I see it.

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Not intentional. I wish I were that clever.


In the photo there is one boat leaving the dock and one boat approaching the dock. The other three boats are in "storage." Could also be one boat in the middle of the cruise.

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Looking at the quue building I'd say there was at least one more boat out on the course. In it's heyday the Western Cruise was one of the major line eaters in the park, right behind the CP&LE, and the two skyrides

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As I examine the picture I can see that there are 6 boats visible as one is tucked against the Frontier Lift building. Just to the left of that structure is a circular cement pad and it appear as though there's an orange colored spinny ride there, perhaps similar to Monster. What was that?

Also, where those three boats are parked there seems to be a sign or facade of some sort. Was that the entrance to Jungle Larry?

That's the Cedar Point I grew up with! Wow, that photo even predates the Corkscrew.

Yes, the original Monster location

Yes, that was Jungle Larry’s Safari. Which made the re-theme of Calypso 1 to Tiki Twirl (also visible) make sense.

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I rode SRE for the first time earlier this month. The pre-show didn't slow the operations down because they were only running 2 boats. So, might as well watch the pre-show while waiting for a boat I guess.

Overall I thought it was very "meh".

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I remember when I was a kid, I rode the Riverboat Excursions whenever I was hot and tired and wanted to get off my feet for a while. It was a nice break from all the running around.

One challenge SRE has is that it isn't in a central location - at all. It's way at the back of the park, a LONG walk from just about everywhere; and because the boats are small and there's a preshow, once you get in line you're still going to be standing for a while. So anybody who thinks "Man, I'd like to just sit down for a bit!" probably won't be interested in it.

Yes, that is the entrance to Jungle Larry's Safari Island you see. You also see The Monster ride behind the tree.

Western Cruise was beautiful at night too. Did you have any questions about Frontier Lift?

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Western Cruise was beautiful at night too.

Absolutely beautiful. And I can still hear the animatronic wolf howling as the boat passed by. There were days (evenings, mostly) where you could hear that throughout the park.

I know, "ok Boomer."

Hey, in my opinion us Boomers got to see Cedar Point at its finest! I'm probably prejudiced but I think from about 1975-1985 the park had the perfect balance of thrills and interesting stuff that wasn't roller coasters: the dark rides (Earthquake and the Pirate Ride), the Riverboat Excursions, Cedar Downs, Jungle Larry, the sky rides. It also had a LOT more trees and shades. It was a beautiful place to go just to hang out.

Of course, it's still pretty and shaded in places but those places are a lot fewer and further between. Most of the trees have been ripped up and replaced with concrete and coasters. One of the things I liked about the riverboat was that you could sit back and enjoy some natural beauty. SRE still has some, of course, but the coasters intrude on an awful lot of it. Kind of a bummer.

Why did SRE downgrade after only one year? Is it staffing issues?

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Did you have any questions about Frontier Lift?

Yes! Why is Frontier Lift not running today?


One of the reasons, maybe not the only one, is that there devloped some concern about evacuating the ride in the instance that they couldn't bring all the cabins in. There was no easy way accessing it between the stations.

Wonder how a non-goofy historical boat tour would go over. The pre-board video could be used to give a glimpse of what things used to look like on the tour you're about to go on while the narrated tour talks about what is there now and some of the things that used to be.

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