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Anyone else catch sky ride's e-stop yesterday (5/14)? Apparently a cabin left the corkscrew station with its door open. I was curious if anyone saw how they closed it?

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Wow. With people in it? That's kinda scary, to say the least.

If it were me running the operation, I would have just backed it into the station, provided it hadn't gotten too far down the line.


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There was no one in that particular cabin, but there were people on the ride. The door was wide open, almost perpendicular to the car. I'm not sure what the clearances are on the stations, but I wonder if the car could be safely brought in without risking banging the door on the wall. Also, it was bout 20 or 30 feet out of the station.

We rode it after it reopened. I made sure to comment in a rather loud voice to my friends that I hoped the door was securely closed and locked. The op came back and double checked. It was kinda funny.

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Was that around 10:10 in the morning? I was amazed it was running in the rain. I saw the op answer the phone and figured they were shutting it down. Sure enough it went down but there were people still on it. That had to not be fun up there in the rain.

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Not sure what time in the morning, but it wasn't too late. I got a picture of it on my phone, I'll try and upload it this evening.

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We were there also. They cycled the ride backwards to return the cabin to the station.

I felt sorry for the people stranded up there in the blowing rain--they were stuck for at least a half hour.

As good a reason as any to stay off of it this year. The Sky Ride has always scared me. ;)

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My wife and I noticed that it was stopped. Wasn't sure what was going on. I thought they may have been adding more cabins.

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It happens. They have to jog it back and close the door.

If it happened in the rain, that's probably a good reason why. It's like doing your job on ice skates on Sky Ride platform in the rain.

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Shades said:
Was that around 10:10 in the morning? I was amazed it was running in the rain.

What is so amazing about that? Sky Ride will close in high winds, but rain doesn't matter. Sky Ride is just a ski lift with amusement park cabins (no windows). Ski lifts run in the mountains in snow, rain and sleet on a regular basis, no reason for Sky Ride to be any different.

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Someone won't be hearing the end of this anytime soon... :::rolls eyes:::

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