Six Flags CEO plans to raise prices, says parks turned into 'day care center for teenagers

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Wonder if it’s too late for CF to change their pass prices.

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I feel like this is pretty much the exact same reason the Kalahari waterpark day pass is ridiculously priced versus the cost of an overnight stay.

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CP's disadvantage of not being near a major urban area is actually an advantage here. Even with the cheap passes I've yet to see it turn into a babysitting park as a 1.5-2.5 hour drive from major urban centers tend to dissuade drop offs like I've seen most SF parks have (especially SFWoA).

I have seen a babysitting effect and KI last year for the Haunt and Dorney this year. At park close there seemed to be as many cars coming to pick kids up vs parked there for the day. Both have upped their prices beyond CP's gold even. However Both KI and Dorney had a crazy amount of security present (there was a guard visible to me at almost all times, like they dropped a guard on every RCT square) and while teenagers can be annoying, it was still a safe fun environment.

KI I felt was a quality product and worthy of the price increase this year. Problem with Six Flags is the product has always been questionable, and it becomes impossible to justify a price hike without expecting a significant drop in attendance. I don't think CP is at that level yet, but the lack of a price increase this year has me wondering if they aren't happy with the attendance this year.

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