Should I go to Cedar Point Sept 22 or Sept 23?

Im going to Cedar point on either September 22nd on Saturday or september 23rd on Sunday but I dont know which day to go on. Unfortunately I can only go for the day so im trying to maximize my ride time as much as possible. On Saturday its open 11 am to 12 am giving me 13 hours, however it will probobly be pretty busy. On Sunday its open 11 am to 8 pm giving me 9 hours, but it will most likely be less busy. So which day should I go?

Shane Denmark -

We are looking to go that Fri-Sat. We don’t plan on riding much on Saturday; just taking in the HalloWeekends environment, watching some shows (FINALLY hope to catch Midnight Syndicate), wat some good. Friday night and Sunday will be rides & haunts. If you’re only looking to go one day, Sunday is your day.

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In my opinion, it's a no-brainer to go Sunday. Extremely lower crowds. Outdoor haunts won't be open though.

Personally, I wouldn't set foot in the park on a Halloweekends Saturday. Did it once years back. Never seen the park so crowded.

Wesley -

Since the park will have lower crowds on Sunday do you think it will be worth it to get a fast pass/fast pass plus?

Cargo Shorts -

If you want to ride Maverick and SV a bunch of times, yes.

darkrider68 -

I don't recommend FL for that day. Most rides you will not need it. Like the above post says, you will only need it for Mav, SV and TTD if you want to ride them more than once. So again, overall....don't think it would be worth the extra $98. *this is also based on my "guess" of what the crowd levels will be like based on my experience!! I could always be wrong!! I stand by my prediction though.

Wesley -

Alright thank you.

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If you can go both days, just do both. But if you're only able to go one of the two days, you can always just see which day has a better weather forecast. It's a tough call, because if you go on Sunday, you'll miss out on a lot of night-time hours in the park that you'd get on Saturday. But the difference in crowds is pretty significant. So if you're looking to get on a good amount of rides, I'd recommend Sunday. But if you're looking to enjoy the atmosphere, and aren't worried about missing some things, then Saturday.

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A lot depends on what you want to do but I wouldn’t touch a Saturday without FL+ and/or Fright Lane if Haunts is you thing. Nights at CP are my favorite but not Saturday.

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